Your Journey with TLC


Your Journey

Once received and looked at by the herbal health coach you will be offered an appointment for a primary herbal medicine consultation. Health coaching, various options and follow up consultations will then be available to you. Your journey begins when you make the first call.

Step 1

The Pre-Consultation

We begin your journey by asking you to fill in the consultation sheet (available by clicking the button below)  with all your relevant information, including  a timeline of main events in your life, and a sample of your current diet. This information will be processed before you attend for your first appointment and you will be emailed a link to book your appointment online or by phone. Please note:  the detailed pre-consultation sheet filled out is compulsory for the first consultation, so please do send it back before your actual first consultation with Elaine.


Step 2

Primary Consultation

During the primary consultation which happens in our clinic we provide an in-depth look into all the systems of the body and how they impact on each other to find the root cause of the problem. 90 mins 

Review of your current medication, medical history and blood results

Review of your lifestyle and diet to assess where this may be impacting on your health.

Discussion on your current health concerns

Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis will be completed

Your Blood Pressure will be checked

Your weight is checked

Herbal & Naturopathic and coaching plans will be discussed

At the end of your consultation we can decide together the best route taking all of your factors into account.

Step 3

Healing Practises / Treatment Options

Wellness Coaching plan

Nutritional support plan including samples of diet plans, if required

Supplements  prescribed with a breakdown of dosage and times schedule, if required

Specific Individualised herbal formula will be made, if required

Referral to other agency, if required

Read about our programmes under the ‘TLC Toolkit’ menu.

Step 4

Follow Up Consultation

Consultation approx. 45-60min

Review of the current plan

Discussion on changes in symptom picture from the daily tracker sheets

Any changes in the health concern or life factors

Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis – update

Options for treatments discussed and agreed upon.

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