Walk in my shoes


Walk in my shoes

To be empowered is to know. At TLC I aim for transparency, and to create an open and honest relationship with my clients. I am sharing with you the process I use, when working with you.

Step 1

Identify the Cause

We identify the source or root cause of your illness with you, through detailed history, previous tests, and various diagnostics depending on your symptoms and issues.

Step 2

Preventative Care

We provide preventative are to help you not only get healthy, but to stay as healthy as possible by:

Investigating the risk factors which could worsen your symptoms and progression such as diet/nutrition, exercise, addictions, lifestyle choices and stress coping mechanisms.

Supplementing if necessary.

Creating lasting lifestyle changes.

Referral to another appropriate agency if you require. 


Step 3


We use natural solutions which are appropriate for you, to alleviate symptoms and side effects of essential medications, and to support your body so it can function as well as possible.

Step 4


We provide ongoing support if needed to help to implement and maintain treatments.


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