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Welcome to Plant Culture where you can learn hands on to make healthy changes to your lifestyle and get back to the source of your being.

 “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” – Hippocrates

Food is highly processed so that it looks and stays fresh in the supermarket. Busy lifestyles can mean that we don’t prioritise the quality of our food. Statistics show that the growing levels of obesity has major impact on our health. Food is what keeps us alive and determines how well we cope with illness and stress.  Remember most of your immune system lives in your gut.

What we do

We like to grow and eat as organically as we realistically can. Growing from seed, digging the earth, creating a garden, seeing the growth and reaping the rewards is what Plant Culture is about. It’s hard work, but most things we appreciate in life are.

We can show you how to get started regardless of whether you have a window space for pots or acres of land. We love to plant the seed (excuse the pun!). Learn how to grow from seed, how to create an edible garden, create the garden for you or how to make your own DIY polytunnel with Cyril O’Donnell. Cyril has the combined skill of organic horticulture with years of construction and loves to tell a story. The perfect partnership for the DIY garden.

We also have a medicinal herb garden, where herbalist Elaine Hogan, can educate you on using herbs safely in your daily life. Herbs can be incorporated into food, cosmetics and medicine. Look at our events to see courses that we run on these from time to time. Foraging opportunities are also available at certain times of the year.

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