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Meet Elaine

Supporting your health naturally and holistically

Hello, I am Elaine Hogan, owner and founder of TLC, The Limetree Clinic based in Co. Laois.

I am a herbalist, naturopath, functional medicine practitioner and health coach. I have first hand experience of living with a chronic illness. Using a combination of these skills and experience I can help you on the road to better health.

Who we help

We can help you in two ways:

staying healthy and getting through an illness

Get Well, Stay Well

Do you feel It’s time to invest in your health?

Your health IS your wealth. When its gone you can’t buy it back. TLC can help YOU to evaluate your health status, look at PRACTICAL changes that suit you, and help to MAINTAIN the change. 

Is being healthy important to you but find it difficult to stay on track with your health?

A Health and Wellness Coach can help you make a realistic plan for your best health, look at any barriers for you and help you design the way you want to feel. No more feeling like you failed or couldn’t stay with the plan. The plan was wrong for you.

Is stress affecting your health?

Stress is not a bad thing, it is necessary for survival, How we cope with stress determines the effect it has on us. If you would like to see how your stress affects you contact TLC. At TLC we look at your stressors , determine if they are internal or expernal and look at solutions. Everyone is different so for some this may be solved with coaching alone, for others this may require full consultation to assess where the stress is coming from and where it is affecting.

Do you worry if you are doing everything to protect your immune system?

Did you know that a large percentage of your immune system is in your GUT. A healthy gut and microbiome (the colonies of bacteria that live with us) play an essential role in maintaining our immune system. Other factors such as diet, environment, sleep and exercise are very important. If you would like to make changes to support your immune system contact TLC and lets make the change.

Are you exhausted, fed up, sluggish?

At TLC we aim to show you the full picture not just treat the symptoms. Making changes can be very difficult especially if you are already tired. Understanding this and taking one small step in the right direction begins your journey. TLC can help you explore your health and wellbeing, reduce symptoms while providing the building blocks your body needs, and support you all the way. 

Living through illness

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Living with a chronic illness is challenging. Getting to the cause of the problem is paramount while alleviating your symptoms. Making and maintaining long term changes is difficult with chronic illness as many people suffer fatigue and low mood. We can support the many difficulties faced from pain and inflammation to anxiety, exhaustion, and nutritional deficiencies. At TLC your plan is based on your individual situation and not your illness.

Do you need to change how you see your illness?

We are what we think! Chronic illness can wear you down with no light in sight. At TLC we help you to change how you see your illness, we explore how much power you give your illness and help you regain control of your life. Live your best life.

Do you want to educate yourself to improve your quality of life?

At TLC, we believe knowledge is power and supporting people to implement this knowledge is absolute power! We can know it all but we need to be able to apply it to our individual circumstances. Lifestyle and diet play a major role in our health and wellness. Making changes in these areas can have huge impact on your illness. Supporting the change is key to long term success.

Have you been diagnosed with Lyme’s disease and/or Co infections?

Nothing beats experience. Having personally experienced the devastation Lyme can have, having gone through many treatments, and by studying with Lyme specialists, I have developed an approach to help treat and support those with this debilitating infection. I offer a natural approach which can complement any medical therapy for Lyme. I can help alleviate symptoms, support the body to heal the damage, reduce inflammation and infection. I can be both a physical and psychological support to help you to live through Lyme. It can be done. READ the STORY

What I Believe

Weather the Storm

The structure of your house and your investment into it will determine how it weathers the storm. Like our houses, our bodies and health reflect how we build and look after ourselves. The choices we make determine how well we feel. We aim to help you to optimise the health of your “house”, the body you live in. We begin at the cellular level, the building block of your house and work upwards. We identify through consultation and testing where the source of the problem is and along with assisting with symptoms, we work towards repairing the root or foundation of the problem.


Free Symptoms Tracker

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TLC Toolkit

How we find the right support plan for you

TLC offers a combination of support  both for people who would like an ally on their journey to living a healthier life and those looking to improve the quality of their life if they have a chronic illness.  Sometimes these roles will overlap but always the client determines the course of the journey.

Functional Medicine & Supplementation Plans

TLC will only recommend supplements which are of high quality to be used medicinally.

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicine uses the herbs to cause a change in or support processes in the body.



Naturopathy celebrates the power of nature to heal. It prioritizes the most natural, least invasive, and least toxic therapies to treat illness.


Health & Wellness Coaching

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Nutritional Support Plans

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Our process

Your Journey with Us

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Step 1

The Pre-Consultation

Prior to setting up an appointment with TLC we ask you to kindly fill in a consultation sheet so that we can be better equipped to serve your individual needs.

Step 2

Primary Consultation

An in-depth look into all the systems of the body and how they impact on each other to find the root cause of the problem


Step 3

Treatment Options

We investigate and work with you to find the most appropriate and effective treatment options.

Step 4

Follow up Consultation

We review your current treatment plan, discuss changes in symptoms, further treatments and options are  investigated again




Testimonial - Lyme Disease treatment

I met Elaine a year ago. I had a diagnosis of Lyme disease and had just completed a long course of antibiotics. Elaine has been very supportive and encouraging. She has an amazing knowledge of Lyme Disease. She is treating me with herbs and supplements and it is enormously reassuring to know that she is olny a phone call away. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Harry Kerr, Laois

Testimonial - Stills Disease treatment

Rating: 5 Star

If I could give 500 stars, I WOULD!!

I have been a client of Elaine’s for the past 3 years. After a diagnosis of ‘Stills Disease’ in 2015 I felt utterly lost and in meeting Elaine in 2017 I finally found HOPE. Elaine helped me find balance in managing symptoms, effects of drugs, emotional support, yet most importantly focus on repairing my body. More recently Elaine has helped and supported me in my diagnosis of ‘Chronic Lyme Disease’.I would not have uncovered this condition and available treatments without Elaine’s knowledge, constant guidance and support. I am forever grateful for her professionalism. The clinic offers treatment with an open minded approach where not one plan fits all, Elaine constantly monitors progress which I love for the reassurance of support. Treatments are taken at your own pace and above all Elaine offers a welcome space to ask questions.

Testimonial - Stress reduction

I was introduced to Elaine Hogan a number of years ago as someone who could support me and help me in addressing the high levels of stress associated with my career as a practising solicitor. It was one of the most important introductions I ever made. Elaine met me, assessed me and prescribed me a range of herbal medicines and lifestyle changes. The positive effect was profound. My stress levels reduced, I became more objective and could distance myself from the issues that presented which facilitated a much more constructive problem solving approach. So noticeable was the change in me that my Husband also became one of Elaine’s clients . The Dullness in his head abated , his mood lifted and he too found himself to be more rational and objective in his approach to the day to day challenges that life throws at us . Elaine has since treated my young teenagers for anxiety related issues and skin conditions. If you are feeling overwhelmed with day to day life Elaine will help and you will be amazed at the difference within, as will your family.


Jo Fitzpatrick



Testimonial - Anti-microbial treatment

I am a 65 year old, male, and have suffered ill health that past 15 years. Initially, this presented as alternating ‘frozen shoulder’, in each shoulder at different times.  Over the years the pain would completely disappear and I would have temporary periods being pain free, anything from 3 days to 3 weeks at a time, however, during these years the pain had migrated to all of the major joints.  Everyday activities, from dressing, walking, driving caused pain.

I received various diagnosis with relevant specialists as the pain moved throughout my body – minor rotator cuff tendinopathy; Osteoarthritis of left glenohumeral joint; Right hip posterior tendonitis; Polymyalgia rheumatica.  I’ve had numerous scans, MRIs, Xrays, Ultra sounds, none of which gave any definitive cause.

The night sweats were all over the body, every night for the past 5 years, but most distressingly, while clipping the hedge with my wife, I found that I would break into a sweat after a few minutes and lose the power in both arms, I would have to stop working and wait until power returned to my arms again.

As well as pharmaceuticals, I have used acupuncture, deep tissue massage, dry needling, nutritional supplements, OTC pain relief, all with limited relief.

I had my blood results from Armin Labs in Germany, which I gave  to Elaine Hogan, when I was referred to her in 2019.  Elaine  initially started with a detailed assessment of presented conditions and started to rebuild my immune system through herbal and supplemental nutrition.  The anti-microbial and anti inflammatory treatment and nervous system support has significantly improved my well being to the point where the pain sources are restricted to my right shoulder and back of the neck. Elaine recently referred me to a Lyme disease specialist, so I could have the joint approach, where I am now presently undergoing  treatment for lyme disease symptoms.

I continue to be supported by Elaine Hogan, who is using immune modulating, anti-inflamatory and antimicrobial supportive treatment for the nervous system. I have a diet to support my gut health and I am now more positive than ever, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and knowing that I will be pain free.

Colm Powell 01/2021 Co. Laois

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